Twitch is removing the desktop app at the end of April

Leri Koen


Twitch is a popular live streaming service used by many gamers, entertainers, and musicians to share their latest content. However, the Amazon-owned company has surprised users with a recent announcement regarding the Twitch desktop app.

Twitch revealed that their desktop app will be shutting down on April 30th. Along with the announcement, they also advised users to delete the app properly. Many Twitch users weren’t even aware that such an app existed, but those using it were not very happy about the news.

Twitch is removing the desktop app at the end of April

The company released an official statement on its website, further explaining its reasoning for removing the app. They stated that they haven’t taken the decision lightly and made it based on user feedback and the number of users who use the app. The company simply feels that the amount of time and resources spent on the desktop app could be better spent improving and creating new ways to connect with creators and the community. For now, they’ve advised users to bookmark the browser version of the site for easy access.

While the news of the removal of the desktop app won’t affect the majority of Twitch users, many fans of the desktop app have already taken to Twitter to share their disappointment. However, considering how Twitch responded to past criticisms seems highly unlikely that they’ll reverse the decision. 

Despite the reservations and disappointment at these decisions, Twitch will be able to recover if they stay true to their promise and work to improve the current ways to communicate with the creators and community, as well as develop new ways for users to gain easier access (other than a browser bookmark) to the platform.

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